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A Little Bit About Me:

The Long Story: 

I'm a down-to-earth farmgirl who went to art school, got her hands in clay, and never wanted to leave. 

Pottery drew me in because it's not only beautiful, it's functional. In this way, my art becomes a part of people's everyday lives. 

Growing up on a small ranch, my favorite chores were always outside, the nitty-gritty hard labor. The sheer physicality of the ceramics world, and the challenges presented with trying to learn wheel-throwing,t was exactly what my heart was looking for in a profession. I was fearless in tackling the medium. The academic route was not for me though, and I had no idea I could turn this passion into a career after graduating college and thus losing access to a ceramics studio. 

Then I heard through the ceramic grapevine that a professional artist who had been in the business for 33 years was opening a ceramics studio in my home town, only 5 miles from my house, and needed an intern. Not having any idea what I was in for, I applied and got the job the first day. 

Six years later, I am now the studio manager and resident artist at his shop The Clay Cup: A Coffee Pottery. In June of 2023, I decided to open up an art gallery on the Historic Downtown Neosho Square: Nighthawk Gallery. In the back I set up my own pottery production studio that I now operate out of, while still helping to teach classes and manage the studio at The Clay Cup. 


My art career thus far has been whirlwind of growth, both in my skills as a potter and businesswoman, and also as a human being. I'm excited for what's coming next...

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a fantastic day!

- Cathleen Denise Bailey

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