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Q:  Is your pottery dishwasher/oven/microwave safe?

A:  Yes, all functional dinnerware/kitchenware is microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise specified. All bakeware is also oven safe. 

With any ceramicware (including that mass produced by department stores) it is always safer to put a room-temperature ceramic pan in a pre-heated oven. It is never a good idea to put a cold pan into a pre-heated oven. 

If you wish to play it even safer, place the pan in the oven and then start the pre-heat process. This is not necessary with my ovenware, but it is a way to be extra safe if you wish.


Q: The glaze appears to have cracked. Is this normal? Will it crack more?

A: This is normal. It is called crazing. It means the glaze (another word for glass) has cracked within itself, but this will not impede the functionality of the object. It may craze some more over time but again, this won't hurt the actual object.


Q: Does porcelain require any special treatment?

A: To make ANY cup last longer, and reduce thermal shock, warm the cup up first by pouring warm water in it.  Let that sit for a bit, then dump that out before pouring in freshly brewed coffee, or boiling water for your tea. This will also help keep your drink warmer longer, as the cup will not pull heat out of it so fast. 

Also, never pour a hot drink into a cold ceramic cup of any clay body (porcelain or stoneware). 

Thread Bowl.jpg

Q: How do I get one of your single thread bowls?

A: There are a few shops that sell my single thread bowls online. You can find them here:

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